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Diabetes information is available almost everywhere. It can be overwhelming and difficult to decide what's relative to you and what doesn't apply. Gigi was born out of the need for people to find these answers, without drowning in the sea of internet searches. We are not here to replace the expertise of doctors and specialists; we are here to aid their reach, by creating conversational experiences for Diabetic patients and caregivers.
Gigi, our bot, can answer your frequently asked questions about Diabetes, as well as helping you with stressful tasks like counting carbs (Our food database can help you find the carbohydrate content of pretty much any food in seconds!); step by step how-tos and much more!
We provide answers from information that is publicly available from sources of information such as World Health Organisation, Diabetes New Zealand, Starship Hospital, Mayo clinic; and much more. You will find the sources quoted on most answers.
We search this information and collate it all in our bot’s answers; we do this so you don’t have to. One place, all the help and Information you need for your diabetes learning and management needs.

If you want to know the technology behind this, you can follow this link where we explain it

It is important to be clear that Gigi is not associated in any way with any health provider and we don't claim to be a health related organisation. This tool was created by and for caregivers of Diabetic patients.
Because we understand the struggle, we strongly suggest you seek medical advise regardless of your interactinos here and take the answers and information in this website, and tools, as guidelines provided and taken from the above mentioned sources of information.


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